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We're all like him.

She jumped for joy.

Tatoeba is a cool and helpful website.

I'm going to go do that.

This error could cost you your life.

Dwayne took out after Dimetry.

So far nothing has happened.

It happened again last night.

We only need one.

I'll persuade him not to go.

He had some money in an account that he'd set aside for his kids.


What are the main sights around here?

I don't like to talk about them.

We eat together.

Please tell Charles it's urgent.

It's not ugly.

She understood a sentence.

A few minutes is all I ask.

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In point of fact, she had nothing to do with the scandal.


The new, more diverse faculty groupings formulated a few rather left-field research questions.

The wind gradually died down.

I haven't seen her in weeks.


You've invited your friends too, haven't you?


Ray was willing to corroborate Gary's story, but the police were still unconvinced that either of them were telling the truth.

His secretary greeted me.

Seen from the sky, the river looked like a huge snake.

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I heard you received an award last month.

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Everybody praised his heroism.

We had a drink of nice cool spring water.

I'm living in Scotland.


We're not going to catch her.

They threw up.

Hi! Good morning!


I didn't know you were interested in antiques.

Although I don't remember how, I've been getting some bruises on my legs lately. What should I do if it's some kind of weird disease?

Our mountains aren't really very high. Yours are much bigger.

They conducted the following experiment to collect the data.

They love their mother a lot.


Marshall said his back was sore.

What was the name of the hotel where you stayed in Boston last year?

Ritchey used to get bullied at school.


This is a no smoking zone.

Kinch could be in for some trouble.

The Government's domestic policy was announced.

Get out of here!

Michelle isn't going anywhere this afternoon.

Have you told him yet?

I don't use them.

The bear is quite tame and doesn't bite.

We didn't listen to music.


Where was Liza hiding?

He works for his living.

Stop being so emotional.

I'm friends with Lievaart's sister.

Why should I share the treasure with you?


Case might not have missed the last train.

I had lunch with Guy today.

Nelken doesn't give up easily.

This substance is in solid state.

I'm going to go home.

I second the motion.

Jayant isn't buying it for a second.


Justin noticed Vladimir's hands shaking.

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They know what's going on.

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I doubt that'll work.

What hope attends you through this gate? Not one!

We woke up very early in order to see the sunrise.

I think we're going to have a very strong team.

The hare went out to the porch to scratch his balls. He thrust his paw - no balls there! Thus he fell down from the porch.

The map's legend shows what each symbol stands for.

Sanjib got more than he bargained for.


You won't regret doing this.

What happened last month?

We'll call you later.

I felt like I was pretty upfront with you.

I think Teri is unlucky.

I still haven't finished the architecture course.

I asked Janet to open the door.

Let me know if you hear anything.

He succeeded because he worked hard.

You hardly ever work, do you?

We laughed.


You'd better not speak.

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The original qipao covered most of a woman's body, revealing only the head, the hands and the tips of the toes, in order to conceal the figure of the wearer regardless of her age.

Juri is too young to get married.

These gatherings always get rowdy after hours, when the boss breaks out the single-malt scotch.

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Bart and Tricia watched the sunset together.

Knute thought he probably shouldn't go there by himself.

Billie isn't good at reading maps.

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She has a lot of faults. Still, I like her.


Michel, do you like long hair or short hair on girls?


I can't speak German.


The exception proves the rule.

That's not very fair, is it?

I'm sure Jelske wouldn't want you to catch cold.

He's out taking a walk.

I've already registered.

What I have in my hand is a fossil seashell.

Where did you push them?

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Daniele now lives in a retirement home.


Mongo made it clear that he didn't like Kory.


Despite all my efforts, I will not have the report ready by Friday.

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You might see me there.

Randal is a good-looking boy.

Give up!


You don't need my permission to go.


I think Blake is unhappy.


I don't know what it was about.

What do you need to do in order to achieve your goals this year?

You heard that, didn't you?

Would you mind telling me what this is about?

That's too soon.

I had a bad stomach-ache.

Shane likes chocolate very much.

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We have one more item to discuss.

She has two daughters.

Think about it, Panzer. What do you really want?

No matter what you say, I don't think Louise is a nice guy.

I've been everywhere in Europe.

Is there a remedy?

Can you sleep?

He's very much satisfied with the result.

Philippe really is stupid, isn't he?


Bryce gets along well with Piotr.

Are you a yankee?

The bear is walking up and down in the cage.


Someone who scares easily shouldn't practice my profession.

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We're really late.

Kee would have told me.

Who owns the Internet?


I need to know the exact date and time.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Kent is playing with your son.

Ladies also play with the ball.

I need you to promise you'll do what I ask you to do.

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We've known each other for thirty years.

Carisa said that he wanted to forget her.

That's what's making me sick.


I don't want to live with you.

She went on trial charged with murdering her husband.

You are here in order to fulfill my commands.

They followed him.

Can you pay attention?

Denmark has a prison.

He took Konrad on a fishing trip.

Moderate exercise will refresh both mind and body.

Darryl had expected Allen to be there, too.

Let me speak to her first.

She wanted to buy the book.

Merril didn't want to live in Boston.

Strangely, he passed up her very generous offer.

Do not disturb!

I'm going to see him tomorrow.


I'm starting to learn French.

The duck quacks.

I wouldn't know what to do without you.

I know how you feel about Sjaak.

He kept himself aloof.


We became good friends.